Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment

Organisations operating in foreign environments and volatile political and security situations have benefited from RMI’s threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA), including terrorism risk.

RMI provides a range of supports, including

  • daily alerts
  • detailed reports
  • confidential briefings on developments in client’s area of operation

Clients are kept apprised of safety and security issues as they evolve, as well as informed projections of probable future consequences to their business interests. In a 24-hour news fed world RMI’s experts ensure that you are provided with timely and expert assessments of political or security issues, enabling informed decisions and providing reassurance to deployed personnel and their families.

Global Risk Analysis

Our Global Risk Analysis service is used by clients undertaking foreign projects. RMI provides a range of supports to clients, including daily alerts, detailed reports and confidential briefings on developments in locations relevant to their business interests.

When a decision is made to deploy personnel to new territories abroad, RMI can conduct country profiling supports, briefings and customised on-the-ground risk assessments prior to final deployment. These services allow a business to better demonstrate its Duty of Care towards staff and equip them with knowledge and training that will enhance their safety.

Business Continuity Management

RMI helps clients build continuity of business practices beyond paper plans. We assist clients in identifying their critical processes, and the key resources, stakeholders and absolute timelines that are associated with these processes.

We can review, test and assess the policies your company has in place. We adhere to global standards, such as ISO 22301, so that your BCM model can be integrated with partners and scaled as your organisation grows. Our workshops, training and Simulated Exercise (Simex) programmes can help keep your plans alive and embed continuity practices in your company.

Our BCM Benchmarking service helps you reassure your board and stakeholders that your plans and procedures are ‘fit-for-purpose’ and comparable with your industry peers.

Contingency Preparedness

Crisis response and continuity of operations regularly need specific contingency plans. Such plans range from common emergency response for fire and flood, through disruption from dispute actions to security planning. These plans require the building of teams and development of skillsets. An effective contingency plan is not just about financial and managerial policies, but also about empowering management and staff to react and make successful decisions under abnormal conditions.

We can help identify any gaps in your policies, help you develop and implement your contingency plans. We can also train, exercise and test contingencies.

Our Services

  • Investigate
  • Prepare
    • Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment
    • Global Risk Analysis
    • Business Continuity Management
    • Contingency Preparedness
  • Protect
  • Respond

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