Travel Risk

The opportunities created by globalism are paralleled by the associated risks to personnel, assets & reputation. RMI has many years of experience in providing support and assistance in the development, implementation & maintenance of Personnel and Asset risk management programmes to companies operating internationally.

Personnel Protection

We believe that advance preparation and planning based upon timely and complete information can allay and prevent many threats. Our team of executive protection experts provides a complete service to safeguard and reassure personnel including:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Project Security Management
  • Close Protection/Executive Protection/Meet & Greet
  • Route Analysis & Reconnaissance
  • Police & Agency Liaison
  • Airport Arrival & Hotel Assessment
  • Safety & Security Briefings
  • Immediate Actions in the event of incidents occurring
  • Advance team deployment
  • Transport
  • Additional logistics
  • 24 Hour Hotline

Asset Protection

RMI’s Asset Security team provides an end-to-end service to its clients, from development of security strategy and concept, through construction design to tender specification and evaluation. Our approach focuses on the threat environment and cost effective mitigation of threats to assets. Based on a close knowledge of a client’s security need we develop detailed operational requirements, associated specifications and can undertake the overall project management of selected plans, systems and services.

Companies value our independent expertise as it ensures they receive the security solutions that best suits their needs without being restricted to specific technology suppliers.

Security Design

Security design should start as early as possible in the facility design process. RMI provides independent, objective assistance with the integration of security measures in building design to ensure a security solution that is fit for purpose. We guide the various stakeholders in the security planning process to ensure that the security solution matches our clients’ operational requirements.

Site Penetration Testing

Our team reviews procedures and conducts complete covert assessments of clients’ buildings, sites, key residences, highlighting weaknesses and providing solutions.

TSCM (Electronic Sweeping)

Some people, companies or organisations are at greater risk of illegal covert eavesdropping due to their public or company profile.

Widely known as “Electronic Sweeping”, RMI’s Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, (TSCM), service gives our clients the reassurance that their meeting rooms, offices, board rooms, private residences or vehicles are free of technical listening devices, hidden cameras, telephone bugging or any technical device that may have been illegally and covertly deployed.

Kidnap Ransom Extortion (KRE)

In many parts of the world KRE is a very real risk. Companies have a duty of care to their employees and their families and must take all steps necessary to ensure that they can live and work in a safe environment.

RMI helps clients to manage the threat to personnel from KRE. We assess the associated risks, review existing controls and develop mitigations. We provide awareness training programmes and support services, such as Hostile Environment Awareness Training, (HEAT), to personnel who may be at risk or who may be deploying to locations where KRE is prevalent. Our 24Hrs Hotline and crisis response training provides added support and assurance.

Our Services

  • Investigate
  • Prepare
  • Protect
    • Travel Risk
    • Close Protection
    • Asset Protection
    • Security Design
    • Site Penetration Testing
    • TSCM (Electronic Sweeping)
    • Kidnap Ransom Extortion (KRE)
  • Respond

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