24 Hour Hotline

RMI offer a 24 Hour Response Service so that client crisis management teams have a continuous means by which to contact RMI and ensure a structured and immediate response to any issues that may arise. For employees travelling abroad, the RMI 24 Hour Hotline provides an extra level of care and reassurance.

Crisis Response

Immediate or slow-burning, incident driven or perceived – crises present one common challenge to organisations: the need for a focused, timely response. RMI is an experienced practitioner in crisis response. We prepare, train, test and assist in client’s response to emergency and crisis situations.

RMI’s methodology involves an ‘all hazards’ approach. We assist our clients in preparing for both key risk and unforeseen events. Our plans provide concise tool-sets to assist clients in fact gathering, task assignment, monitoring and decision making.

It is only through exposing your team to the right training, testing and exercising that your organisation can understand the pressures of managing a crisis. Our testing and exercising focus not only on the issues your organisation faces now, but also the ones it may face in the future.

Special Projects

From time to time organisations have a requirement to undertake challenging projects that are outside the scope of core business and experience and stretch resources and capabilities. RMI has for many years worked alongside clients in difficult political & security environments.

Where issues or concerns arise and you are unsure of next steps RMI will assist to assess issues, safeguard your assets, devise and support your response and assist you in managing associated risks.

RMI’s years of experience bring reassurance to our “Special Projects” clients who may be in a new threat environment – be it security, political, economic or a combination of these such as:

  • Major Event Security
  • Protest Action
  • Complex Projects
  • Hostile Environments
  • Project Management – Close protection/Executive Protection/TSCM

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